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What we do ?

In short we take the problem of accessing multiple share market information away from you and provide access to a single digital cross reference data stream so you can be better informed to consider all possibilities saving you Time, Trouble and Money.

Vestdata± is Australia’s leading Share Market Data Specialist for Accountants, Advisers and Investors and the first to offer the Accipio™ range of products.

In addition to the above we also offer the Conventus™ range of solutions, a high professional standard share market data set designed to suit SMFS and active share market investors.

Company Profile

Vestdata± has a rich history of developing breakthrough share market data business ideas such as the Accipio and Conventus range for the investment industry. Our team has the highest experience curve in data design, and time-based calculations than any other company within our target market segment.

In was in 1995 that the company commenced its first data stream product, DDTX. Like most new ventures, the company had limited capital reserves and working from a shed out the back of one of the partners homes the company started its journey of success. Most of the influential ideas about the data business originated within the walls of the ‘shed’, including our simple but effective data stream DDTX which allowed for limited ASX feeds to be sent to clients via a single feed for the day of trading.

From these humble technology beginnings has grown one of the most respected data companies in Australia. Vestdata± Company History & Achievements

DSD... making sense of the numbers

One has to be mindful that Data capture to delivery is a complicated process and it's the job of the Data Services Division to ensure the numbers make sense and you stay completely informed.

In the world of data, Vestdata± is acknowledge as one of the few Data vendors that is willing to work with clients and software developers to meet their data requirements. Our team of data management specialist constantly monitor vendor software up-grades and test new software solutions to ensure that data integrity is never comprised.

This division also examines the software applications mooted by developers as being the ‘be all to end all’, to ensure that our clients are not misled in any marketing “blurr” that can lead to making the wrong decision.

Remember; Don’t be fooled ... not all data is the same...