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Company History & Achievements

Dial & Charts was formed with the aim of proving End of Day ASX and Sydney Futures Exchange and a very limited Overseas Indices data to retail clients who undertook technical analysis of the stock markets.  Due to the limitations of the internet (when compared to today’s vast accessibility) clients actually had to dial up via a modem to collect their data. 
During those early development years the company maintained its commitment to ensuring we continually worked with Software vendors to ensure that our data was compatible and most importantly accurate with all leading software solutions.
1998 saw the commencement of providing ASX & Managed Funds price to the Corporate and Accountant profession
Company launches its educational division to retail clients
1999 saw the introduction of more extensive Overseas Indices
2000 saw the introduction of Managed Funds data to client who wanted to undertake technical analysis of this data in charting packages.
Our proprietary Internet Downloader tool is launched to retail clients improving data accessibility and seamless integration into a wide range of charting packages.
The company launched its new technology platform providing a faster and more detailed data stream
2002 saw up-grades to Our proprietary Internet Downloader tool is launched to Corporate clients improving seamless integration into a wide range of charting packages. These improvements allowed a clients to use the features of the internet to better without compromising the quality and reliability of the data stream. 
In addition to the pathway up-grade we extended the Managed Funds data available for SMSF software.
2003 saw the company sell off its education division allowing resources to be allocated to designing of a new distribution portal.
As a result of the changes within the Australian market as it became part of the Global markets, in 2005 we introduce the GIGS indices for the Sectors and Industry Groups.
2006 saw a change of management structure and direction of the company starting with the return of the originators of the company. The structural and direction change reflected the mood of the industry and the advances in technology that is available.
Company adopts the Initiative203 ‘best practice’ strategy with a commitment to completing the roll-out by 2008.This strategy lays the foundations for a procedural transformation in the way the company conducted its business.
2006 also saw the detailed inclusion of Forex (Currencies), Commodities and World Indices as part of the data streaming service to clients.
As part of the Initiative203 ‘best practice’ strategy the company initiates a revamp of its distribution and customer service performance indicators. This results in improvements in data output, level one technical support for software packages and a more diverse product range.
Company commences beta testing of ‘Project CA’ due for release in 2008. This historic warehousing portal is set to change the way clients look at data.

Company received certification as having the most detailed and peak frequency of data within its market space. No other company or software vendor operating within the same Australian place holds this certification.
Company receives certification as holding the largest available historic data within its market place
The company commences trading as Vestdata±±™ -Investor Intelligence for Intelligent Investors. This name change and positioning statement acts to better identify what we provide to clients.
Company launches new interactive website
The Accipio±™ Range is released to professional clients
The Conventus±™ Range is released to Retail and Private Investors
With the successful completion of the Initiative203 ‘best practice’ strategy the company has positioned its self for future growth over the next decade. With new product releases and more planned Vestdata± has changed the future of data.
2009 will see us strength our position with our most valuable asset – You, our client.